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Tuesday, 14 January 2014



To become modern and develop is something that’s sort of a rage these days; every country, every religion, every community, every single individual wants to “modernize” because it’s so called “in-trend”. Literal meaning of ‘modern’ is to become up to-date. Encyclopedia Britannica defines modernization as “the transformation from a traditional, rural, agrarian society to a secular, urban, industrial society”. On the other hand, Wikipedia refers modernization to a “model of a progressive transition from a 'pre-modern' or 'traditional' to a modern society”-  In short what they are trying to say is that we are evolving as individuals and as a community. Well, I DON’T BELIEVE SO. In my opinion, in the name of modernization we are degrading each day. Where life at cities might have become more convenient, it has become very difficult to afford such convenience- thanks to inflation for that. We have become modern by leaving behind evil practices against women (for namesake though) but we can’t leave evil thoughts and perspective (evident from the ever increasing  cases against women) and then we say we are modern-  And that’s the irony of life.

Bahu toh modern honichaiye” is very common dialogue these days because everyone wants that his/her daughter-in-law should belong to ultra-modern society, but if she works late at office she is accused of forgetting her roots- we love the fact that she is earning but we can’t see her progress. We ultra-modern children want our parents to learn our language, understand our generation and learn our technology but we can’t accept them in their old age- check out old age homes, they are full of such stories. Every Indian wants age-old politics to just be a forgone story but we are too naive to accept new changes- that’s why we keep on finding flaws of  a new party like AAP (Aam Aadmi Party). All of us want to stop sexual assault but we are too afraid to accept existence of HTB (homosexual-transgender-bisexual) – because it is “against our culture” but then what about many transgender mentioned in our epics? Everyone wants communal balance in society but we are still against inter-caste/religion marriages- and we call ourselves MODERN. Where Indians in order to become modern keep on following western countries, what we really need is to follow our own Asian counterparts- JAPAN which, despite facing worst use of nuclear bombs in human existence has managed to stand up and now is one of the fastest emerging power. It has best able to define MODERNIZATION by declining evils from culture and keeping an ideal balance between its roots and technology. We all should learn from such a nation which has an island in the name of territory and has almost nothing as natural resources but has still been able to mark its name in technology and development. Now that’s what I call as – MODERNIZATION.   “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”

Authored By- Nikita Sharma


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with u nikita di.....
Just by following western culture or forms we can't call ourselves modern unless we try 2 eliminate fault n flaws in our own society n especially within ourselves....

Anonymous said...

Bitter pill to swallow and to add more I will say our has society is dead wrong. We are decked out in the name of modernization however in actual we are all the same. We try to be modern and advance when it comes to be on a spree but when the time arrives to show the real meaning of modernization we try to give justification hiding our-self and giving silly excuses taking the help of old culture.
Anyways I must appreciate your article and kudos to you
- Ankit

pranav chauhan said...

good thought. we are simply getting westernized not modernized .

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