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Friday, 6 February 2015


Call for Papers for Law Mantra [Submit by 30th March, 2015]

ABOUT LAW MANTRA: Law Mantra is India’s most popular and trusted website in the field of Law. Law Mantra’s mission is to provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand legal information to users and make such information easy to find on the Internet.Law Mantra is having an Online Journal and Web Portal, under the chief patron of Dr. Hon. Justice Malimath, former Chief Justice Karnataka and Kerala High Court, Dr. Prof. Gurjeet Singh, FounderVice-Chancellor National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam, and other luminaries from the legal fraternity. Law Mantra is running for the purpose of enhancing legal academics and legal awareness in the society and in the practice of the same. Law mantra also has an ISSN (2321-6417) journal which tries to disseminate knowledge and research in various aspects of law.

The Law Mantra Law journal (ISSN 2321 6417) is a monthly academic journal, published online, that seeks to provide an interactive forum for the publication of articles in the field of Law. The Journal is currently soliciting submissions for Edited Book. The submission deadline for Edited Book is January 20, 2015. We welcome submissions from academicians, practitioners, students, researchers and experts from within the legal community. We have a strong preference for articles that assert and defend a well-reasoned position.
It is aimed at institutionalizing and channelling the analytical and incisive articles of students towards value addition and developing inherent potentials of legal fraternity.
Call for Papers:
The Themes for Call for Edited Book is “Working of International Law
  • Nature and scope the International law in 21 century
  • Necessity of international law
  • Scope of the public international law
  • Scope of the private international law
  • Essentials requirements for international treaty according to Vienna convention on law of treaty
  • Formation of the international treaty/ convention including amendment, denounce or repeal process
  • International law adoption procedure by State/s in to national legal system
  • Legal status of the international law in to various legal system
  • Application of the international law in to national legal system
  • Application of the international treaty and its protocol between other states
  • Interpretation of the international law in to the national legal system   
The submissions may be in the form of articles, notes, comments, book reviews on the issues raised.
All submissions must be made in accordance with the submission guidelines of the editorial board given below:
We welcome submissions under the following categories, with word limits:
Submission Guidelines:
The research articles should be a comprehensive review of contemporary relevant legal issues/question. The world limit for the submission is 8000-10000 words. (Exclusive of footnotes and abstract). Shorter Articles and Note and Comment may be in 4000-6000 words. (Exclusive of footnotes, no abstract is required for shorter articles and notes and comments).
All Submissions must be accompanied by a Covering letter stating the title of the Research paper, author’s full name, name of institute and the author’s contact details. Submission must be in MS Word doc. 2010, Font- Times New Roman. Following details may kindly be followed:
Abstract: All the entries should be accompanied by an abstract (except shorter articles and notes and comments and book review) which should not exceed 200 words, Font size 10.
Key words: At list five key words must be mention in all the entries (except shorter articles and notes and comments and book review).
Main text: Times New Roman, Font size 12, 1.5 spacing, Justified, with a margin of an inch on all sides.
Foot note:  Times New Roman, Font size 10. The detailed citation method is prescribed below.
Both single authored and Co-authors (a maximum of two authors) entries will be accepted.
Specially in the context of book review, the submission should include relevant information like the Title of the Book reviewed, name of the author(s)/editor(s), Publication information (name, place and year of publication), total number of pages, etc.
Writing Guidelines:
All Entries must be typewritten in the font Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing and justified alignment.
The Citations must be typewritten in the font Times New Roman, font size 10, 1 line spacing and justified alignment.
Citation style must adhere to one uniform system of citation. References must be footnoted in Blue book 19th edition. All references must be cited in simple text. No formatting is required for the citations.
Submissions received to the Law Mantra Journal reviewed for following reasons
Scope and relevance for article: The article must be based on contemporary legal issues. Content of article must be suitable for readers-Students, Legal Professions, Academicians.
Language and Quality: Language must be formal and clear, adhering the submissions guidelines of journal.
Copyright Violation: To ensure that, the submissions are not in violation of copyrights laws. Authors are required to obtain written permission for the use of any copyrighted material in the manuscript and must communicate the same journal.
Plagiarism Check:
The authors are required to take special care in citing all the sources that they will refer to in their submissions.
The submission shouldn’t have been published somewhere else or submitted for consideration for publication somewhere else.
All the submissions will be subjected to strict plagiarism checks.
Mode of Submission:
Submissions should be in electronic form (.doc, .docx).
The submissions are to be addressed to The Editorial Board, Law Mantra Journal at

Important Dates:
Last Date of Paper Submission: 30th March 2015, (Extended)
For More Details Call us at +91-8255090897


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