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Sunday, 1 February 2015


Call for Papers on “Corporate Law:Contemporary Issues & Challenges” [Submit by 05th March, 2015]

About Law Mantra Law Journal

The Law Mantra Law journal (ISSN 2321 6417) is a monthly academic journal, published 

online, that seeks to provide an interactive forum for the publication of articles in the field 

of Law. The Journal is currently soliciting submissions for Volume 2, Issue 4, which will be 

published in March 2015. The submission deadline for Volume 2, Issue 4 is March 30, 2015. 

We welcome submissions from academicians, practitioners, students, researchers and 

experts  from within the legal community. We have a strong preference for articles that 

assert and defend a well-reasoned position. Law Mantra is an Online Journal and Web 

Portal, under the Chief patron of Dr. Hon. Justice Malimath, former Chief Justice 

Karnataka and Kerala High Court, Prof. (Dr.) M.P.Singh, Chancellor Central University, 

Haryana, Prof. (Dr.) Gurjeet Singh, Founder Vice-Chancellor N.L.U.J.A Assam, Prof. (Dr.) 

Faizan Mustaffa, V.C NALSAR Hyderabad, Prof. Shamnad Basheer and other luminaries 

from the legal fraternity. It is aimed at institutionalizing and channelling the analytical and 

incisive articles of students towards value addition and developing inherent potentials of 

legal fraternity. 

About The Competition

The competition basically has the purpose to bring out original and  concrete views of the 

mass- to the mass. In an essay, we look forward to a detail analysis of the status quo and 

putting forward suggestions that would serve as an instrument for change to the problems 

that persist. The Paper submitted will be used to create modules for free awareness campaigns. 

Call for Papers

Law Mantra Journal invites articles of high caliber that address contemporary  theoretical 

and conceptual controversies on particular aspects of company law, justice and  crimes/ 

scams/ corporate frauds/ insider trading and other company affairs related topics.  

Undergraduate and post graduate students may contribute in the form of essays, articles, 

notes and comments in accordance with the editorial policy.


The last date for submission of papers is 5th March, 2015.

Nature of Contributions

1. Articles: An article must conduct a complete analysis of the area of law, which the 

author seeks to highlight. It must contain a comprehensive study of the existing law, 

indicating the lacunae therein, and must contain an attempt to suggest possible 

changes which can address the said lacunae. An article should be between 4,000 5,000 


2. Essays: An essay is more adventurous as it challenges challenging existing 

paradigms/norms and provides a fresh outlook to common problems. It is strongly 

recommended that essays be considerably more concise than articles, in terms of 

scope and conceptualization. An essay is thus advised to be between 3,000 5,000 


3. Notes: A note is a relatively concise form of an argument advanced by the author. The 

focus of a note should be on a relatively new debate or controversy regarding the 

interpretation or implementation in the law. Notes shall primarily highlight 

contemporary issues, which need to be addressed, and the authors are expected to 

offer a solution. The maximum word limit for a manuscript in the form of note is 

2,500 words.

4. Comments: A comment is where the author may decide to critique any 

recent/landmark judicial pronouncement or any recent legislation or bill before the 

Parliament or State Legislature. The word limit for a comment is 2,500 words.

Submission Guidelines

1. Word Limit: As has already been indicated, the maximum word limit for articles and 

essays is 5,000 words (exclusive of footnotes) whereas that for notes and comments is 

2,500 words (exclusive of footnotes).

2. Citation Format: The citation format to be used is The Bluebook (19th ed.). In 

keeping with the same, speaking footnotes are discouraged.

3. Abstract: Every submission should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 

350 words describing the relevant conclusions drawn in the manuscript. Please note 

that there is no requirement of prior submission of abstract as the selection of the 

paper for publication shall be on the full manuscript. The abstract shall serve merely 

to help the Editorial Board in its review process.

4. Biographical Information of Authors: A separate document with biographical 

information of the authors must also be attached including the following details: 

Name, E mail address, Postal Address, Name and Address of Institution, Course (if 

applicable), Academic Year.

Plagiarism Guidelines

As per the Law Mantra Policy on Academic Misconduct, "plagiarism" means failure to 

acknowledge ideas or phrases from another source. Such source is not limited to published 

text. Acknowledgement of others' work is expected even if the source was a discussion 

(whether oral or written) with another person, or use of materials on the internet.

1. Multiple submissions are not allowed: "Multiple Submission" means submitting the 

same, or largely the same, piece of work in more than one journal or competition, 

without written permission from the instructors involved and or recycling of any part 

of a previously written piece of work whether or not published without appropriate 

reference to their your own prior work. Prior permission shall be required if the 

recycled work forms more than 5% of the new work.

2. Misrepresenting work: Misrepresenting work prepared by another as one's own means 

submitting work that has been prepared by someone else (whether for payment or not) 

as one's own work. This would include instances where excessive help is taken from 

another person such that the assessment objective and intention of the assignment/ 

exercise is frustrated.

Note: It is assumed that work submitted is represented as being authored by the person on 

whose behalf it is submitted. Falsification of Work Product is falsifying, concocting or 

misrepresenting of data, statistics, or other observations/ information.


All submissions should be made electronically at or The last date for submission of manuscripts is 5th March, 



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