Arguendo is the Core Project in the Lex Coterie Group of Organizations.


Do you have a passion for writing and an eye for detail? Then you would be a perfect fit to write for us. 

Arguendo is always looking for Guest or Panel Contributors.  

For more details please contact us at 

If your are really interested, but are unsure what to write about or unsure whether your writing matching our general theme, then feel free to drop us a mail at fsa712@gmail and cc it to We shall chat and help you focus on something you may want to write about.


Anonymous said...

Are there any incentives for contributing?

Arguendo Admin said...

Unfortunately, apart from seeing your writing appreciated and shared by complete strangers, nothing. Definitely no monetary incentive as this website makes no money. If we did make money, we would redesign the website. But we don't so that's that.

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